This Learning Centre provides you with convenient access to our online training anywhere, anytime. Our On-demand courses are product based, delivered via interactive e-learning or recorded webinars. The courses are designed to complement our face to face consulting and training sessions, to deliver detailed relevant content to all your users.

How is it delivered?

Digita On-demand training is available in 2 formats:

  • E-learning modules provide you with a 'hands-on' interactive experience. They are web-based so therefore can be easily accessed when it is convenient for you, if you are unable to finish any course, you can resume where you left off by clicking on the course link in your confirmation email.
  • Recorded modules are pre-recorded sessions with experienced instructor-led training. These courses are either live web-based sessions or recordings which can be available for download.

How do I enroll on a course?

To enroll on a course, simply click on the 'My Training' link at the top of the page or the 'My Training' button below. Enter your details, and the course will either launch in your browser or download to your computer. Each course lasts between 10 to 30 minutes.

Alternatively, open your Learning Plan sent by Welcome Services and click on the course link within the spreadsheet.

Who can I contact for more information?

For any additional help or information, please contact Welcome Services at: digitawelcome.services@thomsonreuters.com.